2021 Festival - Mondays in July

12th, 19th, 26th

Live and in person at McIllvoy Park in Olde Town Arvada, Co.

Streamed Via Youtube the following Fridays.

Staged Readings of Selected New Musicals.

Co New Musical Fest 2021

Performance Recordings:

Showcase Performance - Available until 7/30/2021

Rocky Mountain High Recording - Available until 8/6/2021

57 Bus Recording - Available until 8/13/2021

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This Year's Selections:

Mainstage: 57 Bus 

By Ryan M. Luévano

57 Bus is inspired by a true event that took place on a bus in Oakland, California in 2013, when an 18-year-old agender high school student’s skirt was set on fire by another student. The musical explores how the lives of these two children are changed forever. After being the victim of this “hate crime” Skylar is left to decide if the cost of self-expression in an intolerant world is worth the freedom of living as your true self. 

The other student John Michael is seen as an attacker, however, given his background, and ultimate fate by the court, audiences must determine if he is perhaps also a victim. In the end, John Michael must decide to accept the consequences of his actions and find a way to rise against society’s expectations and emerge out of his circumstances better than before. 

57 BUS is a refreshingly honest look at the impact of intolerance on children and the power of understanding to achieve peace and ultimately break down the cycle of hate.

Mainstage: Rocky Mountain High 

Book & Lyrics by Kia Beth Kofron & Cooper Kofron, Music by Mark Hollman & Drew Gasparini

Math + Meatheads ÷ Marijuana = Mayhem

Rocky Mountain High (RMH) is the battleground for the high-stakes competition between brains and brawn. Jon, the math-minded new principal struggles to fund academics. But it’s rampantly clear there’s only one game in small-town Gridiron, Colorado. The 99-0 football team, coached by arrogantly delusional fellow alum, Bork Hill, just needs to win one more “big game” in their brand, spankin’ new, climate-controlled stadium, so he can trade-up to an insanely lucrative pro coaching career. Tensions mount when their dream girl, Mary Jane Calhoun (MJ), makes a surprising return home with a high school-aged son.


2021 Showcase Features:

A Kiss For My Daughter by Mitch Samu

This Year by Elle Tyler

Sincerely Stacy by Andrew Funderburk

ComPlex by Megan Allen, Music by Dan Formidoni, Scribed by Tara Tioaquen, Alex Brazil, & Lexie Tatum

You Go On by Matthew Gittins

Gossamer's People by Loretta Moore

Ballad of Johnny West by Jaime April & Jason Moon

Passages by Patrice Le Blanc

Naked by Germaine Shames & Tareq Abuissa

Scarlet Heel By Preston Adams & Kelly Bidstrup Graham

Foodies by Michael Kaplan & Jeff Mar

The Chosen One by Eli Cohen



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Wolle Grant Award


CU Boulder

Thank you so much for your interest in the Co New Musical Festival.
Submissions for the 2021 Festival have closed at this time.
If you're interested in submitting for 2022 below is generally what we ask for in a submission, this is subject to change.
We will start accepting 2022 submissions in December of 2021.

What we have asked for in submissions is as follows:

Send an email to Kelly at CoNewMusicalFest@gmail.com

In the body of the email tell us about your show, why you wrote it, why you love it and what you would like to get out of having it up as a staged reading. Also in the body of the email please include a table of contents for everything included in your script and score attached.

Script: Include your script as a pdf or drive doc file. Music: include sheet music, chord charts, handwritten scores, whatever you have, get it exported or scanned and included (ideally) as pdfs or image files. If you have recordings of any kind or midi files please include those as well. The more we have to look at the better.

*if you want to put all of it in a drive file and share it, that would be great!


When will I know if I've been accepted?

We will notify you with questions, acceptances, and rejections by the end of February 2021.


If you have any questions or would like to be involved in this project beyond submitting a piece, please email Kelly at CoNewMusicalFest@gmail.com

Note: We accept ALL works in progress whether it's a full show, a 1 act, a scene or a song or a concept. We are here to foster a space for it all despite completion or polish. We want to leave works better than we found them so if you have ANYTHING, we want to see it. Also! If your work was built for a virtual format we would love to see it and consider it for a virtual read on the platforms we utilized during year 1.