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2020 Festival
Featured Musicals

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There Will Be Light

This gay coming of age story is a cautionary tale of what unfortunately is all too common with young people who can’t accept who they are because of the hate around them. This show touches on issues of race and religion and comes with a content warning. The show is looking for funding as it has a planned production date in spring 2021. Writer - Preston Adams -


Not Just Anything

A full length acapella musical and a theater love letter. A show about being female and underrepresented in the theater industry. This show showcases a diverse cast of women and tells the relatable stories surrounding our industry. This show is looking for funding and partners to be staged and produced. Composer - Kelly Bidstrup Graham -

bleak hous snip2.PNG

Bleak House

A full length musical with period orchestration that tells the classic Dickens tale. This show is looking to be staged and produced. It would be a perfect show for a high school or college program as it’s easily singable and features mostly solos with few ensemble numbers. Composer - Robert Gale -

This new place logo.PNG

This New Place

A full length musical about growing old, focusing on the parent/relationship and what happens as that dynamic flips. Full of delightful characters and a charming story that is touching while remaining lighthearted. This show is looking to be further workshopped and produced, in addition to adding more instrumentation. Steef Sealy -


You & Me & Larry

 A one-act musical about friends and relationships in high school. Filled with wonderful characters and a female-heavy cast. This delightful little show is looking for a transcriber to take the recording and flesh out either chords or a piano/vocal score. Eden Farr -


Jesus a Life

A beautifully written score to a humanist telling of the Jesus story. This show is perfect for churches as well as schools and community groups who are looking to tell this story in a new way. Composer - Mitch Samu -

Stand Alone Feature:

La Llarona  - A show about the fateful folktale. Show is in progress and looking for collaborators and dramaturgs who can give the show cultural context. Composer Jayce Johnson -

Stand Alone Feature:

Let it All Hit You - A stand alone musical theater style piece. Chris Shaw -

Special Thanks:

Backstory Theater is an amazing theater organization in Broomfield that is committed to the idea that more art is better. They have been wonderful collaborators and partners with the festival and we would not be here without their support. Check out their classes and their upcoming auditions!

Special Thanks:

Jess took this festival to the next level and we would be nothing without them. If you need sound work please consider them for your next project:
Jess works in live mixing, sound design, post production, and studio engineering. 

Check out Jessica's previous work and upcoming EP on their website:

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