Festival Description

Welcome to the Colorado New Musical Festival! We are excited to announce auditions for Year 2, a 3 night event of staged readings of new musicals! Artists of all backgrounds, ages, gender-identity, and types needed for each reading, in addition, performers with one or more disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are encouraged to audition. Not all actors will be involved in all readings (based on casting needs and availability), so when submitting your audition materials, please let us know which shows you would prefer or if you are open to any role (main stage shows and showcase night). Rehearsals will be minimal (June - July) and will be worked around actor schedules. 

(Strong music background and sight reading preferred, but not required.)

Night 1 - Showcase - Monday, July 12th

This is a tasting of scenes and songs from a variety of new musicals! 

Act 1 will be songs and scenes from a variety of new original musicals. We will also include teasers for our featured full-length musicals 57 Bus & Rocky Mountain High.

Act 2 will be the first act of a work in progress, A Kiss for my Daughter, a poignant intimate show about a daughter’s relationship with her father as he grapples with dementia.

Night 2 - Rocky Mountain High - July 19

A staged reading of a musical comedy that can really only take place in Colorado. When the traditional bake sale isn’t bringing in enough funds for their school, a small town decides to take matters, and buds, into their own hands and sell something that everyone will want to buy! But what happens when it all goes up in smoke?

Night 3 - 57 Bus - July 26

A staged reading of a musical exploring the role of intolerance in today’s society as the characters struggle to achieve peace and joy after they experience a hate crime. How do you break the cycle and become who you always were meant to be?



Friday, May 21st by 5 pm MST


Non-Equity Production

Actors are PAID a sales percentage stipend after the performance.


Needed: Headshot, Resume and List of major conflicts through July. 

Submit: 16 to 32 bars of a song that showcases your strengths and a 1 minute monologue that you love to perform. We will accept acapella.

Submit your audition here!

A schedule will be worked out with actors based on their availability and locations will be dependent on availability and which readings actors are involved in. For each performance reading, there will be roughly 6-10, 2-4 hour rehearsals, with 1 tech rehearsal at the performance venue listed below. All rehearsals will be in the Denver Metro area, on evenings or weekends, dependent on actor/director schedules. (The point is we want actors, and we don’t want them to miss doing another show for rehearsal or performance of these readings).

Tech for Showcase and the 2 Mainstage shows are TBD.



All performances will take place at the Pavilion at McIlvoy Park in Arvada.  Audiences will experience each show on subsequent Monday nights under the stars! Bring a blanket and bring your friends!



You must be 15+ to audition. Diverse actors needed for a wide variety of roles! (Several shows need specific ethnicities, body types, Disabilities and ages). We are looking to have a large company of diverse and wonderful actors join us in celebrating new, original theatre right here in Denver!

For more information or questions email Kelly Bidstrup Graham at CoNewMusicalFest@Gmail.com.

July 12th Showcase Shows & Roles:

We intend to cast 10-15 performers who will cover multiple roles for this evening, as each is a song or scene from a larger show, everyone who is not featured in a particular piece may double as ensemble.

Sincerely Stacy: Story of a High school teacher who is trying to move on with her life and get better for herself.

Stacy - A High School Teacher who is just done. Any ethnicity, any age, female/non-binary.

Principal - Off stage or Voiceover. Any ethnicity, age or gender.

The Chosen One: A fantastical teen romp with mature concepts, deals a lot with relationships.

Joey - 18, Male, talented at accidentally getting himself into trouble Tenor

Eleanor - 18, Female, perceptive problem-solver Alto/Mezzo

Sam - 16, Non-Binary (Assigned female at birth), charismatic and combative (Key options available)

Olive - 16, Male, sheltered but eager to break out of his shell Baritenor

Ensemble - Restaurant Goers

This Year: A female centric story dealing with friend relationships and mental health.

Lina - 20s/30s, female. Kind, loyal, reticent. Something dark,

raw and human lives just under the surface of her self-
sufficient veneer. Vocal Range: F3-F5

Holly - 20s/30s, female. Driven, headstrong, long-suffering.
Protective of both her artistic actualization and Lina, the
increasing divide between which will stretch her to breaking.
Vocal Range: G3-G5

Craig - 20s/30s, male. Steady, grounded, present. His single-
minded pursuit of his goals may appear simplistic, but that’s

what he is. He’s straightforward; what you see is what you
get. Vocal Range: Ab2-D#4

Mark - 20s/30s, male. Easygoing, charismatic, fun. His charm
and quick wit mask a deep sensitivity and care for the people
around him. Vocal Range: B2-G#4

Sangre De Mi Padre: The story of a family forced to migrate to the US to escape violence in Mexico, a beautiful story about family and what a parent will do to protect their child. 

Marcella  - Armando's Daughter, age 14-15, Latinx

MAMÁ-Armando’s mother, (A Spirit) - Speaking for a scene, Latinx, actress should be 40+

ComPlex: A story about a young woman with Cerebral Palsy who's given a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Liana - A recent college graduate who has Cerebral Palsy, moving to Los Angles for
a once in a lifetime opportunity. Bright, caring, and romantic. Any age, any ethnicity, female.

You Go On: A story about a teen dealing with the fall out from a shooting as his school.

Mom - Spoken, caring trying to help.

Tyler - Struggling teen, any ethnicity, song is rapped.

3 Therapists - The comedic relief of the scene.

Gossamer's People: A charming story about a fun loving community.

Lenora - Cherishes family, in a long distance relationship, bright, aware of class struggles, female, any vocal range, any ethnicity.

Clinton - Lenora's boyfriend, aspiring surgeon, male, any vocal range, any ethnicity.

Passages: A story about women coming into the latter part of their lives and what that means for them and their families.

Teresa  - age 51, Latina, female. Teresa runs a family Mexican restaurant with her husband,  Estevan and her daughter, Maria. Teresa works six days a week and goes to daily Mass  and on Sundays. She has a huge family network and she favors traditions.

Maria  - age 17, Latina, female. Maria is the daughter of Teresa and Estevan. She is a junior in high  school and works at her parents’ restaurant. She is dating Julio and would like to marry  him. She rejects her parents’ strict values and rules.

Naked: A whimsical, fun and charming story about the Denver Art Museum's special acquisition of a piece of art.

Grace - Former painter, now head docent. Any ethnicity, female, straight presenting in the story.

Female Docent - Docent in training, outspoken feminst. Any ethnicity, female/non-binary (She pronouns in script)

Foodies: A fun a ridiculous little show about food and fame and mix ups, classic comedy.

Phillipe - 30's, Any gender (He/him/his pronouns in script) a celebrity chef

Arlen - Male, 30-40, shy, fussy eater, brilliant. (Is mistaken for Parker in full plot)

Jackie - Female, 30-40, ambitious, but career has been dogged with bad luck.

Dante - 40's Any gender (He/him/his pronouns in script) sculptor, living off dad's dime, passionate, defiant, frustrated. An artist.

Young Boss - Any gender, Arlen's boss

Antonio - Male,60's self made millionaire winemaker, trying to get a divorce from Candia.

Candia - Female 50's fashionable, Antonio's former wife.

Parker Arlen - Male, 30 - 40, a chef.

Candia Lawyer - Any gender, a lawyer.

Antonio Lawyer. - Any gender, a lawyer.

A Kiss For My Daughter: A touching one act play about a father struggling with dementia and his daughter. This will be directed remotely, most rehearsals will be over zoom, may be produced as a remote production as well and screened like a film during the showcase.

Rory: Male, any ethnicity, ageing, actor should be 50+, character is struggling with dementia.

Steph: Female, any ethnicity, 30 - 40's.

July 19th - Rocky Mountain High

ABC = Anything but Caucasian

Rocky Mountain High Cast.JPG
July 26th - 57 Bus

All 8 Roles Double as auxiliary characters and Ensemble. (At directors dicrestion, we may also cast 2-4 true ensemble members to lighten the doubling load.)

57 Bus Cast.JPG