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2021 Festival Featured Musicals

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57 Bus

57 Bus is inspired by a true event that took place on a bus in Oakland, California in 2013, when an 18-year-old agender high school student’s skirt was set on fire by another student. The musical explores how the lives of these two children are changed forever.  57 BUS is a refreshingly honest look at the impact of intolerance on children and the power of understanding to achieve peace and ultimately break down the cycle of hate.

Author/Composer: Ryan Luévano Contact:

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Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High (RMH) is the battleground for the high-stakes competition between brains and brawn. Jon, the math-minded new principal struggles to fund academics (“Alma Mater”). But it’s rampantly clear there’s only one game in small-town Gridiron, Colorado (“Everybody Wins”). The 99-0 football team, coached by arrogantly delusional fellow alum, Bork Hill, just needs to win one more “big game” in their brand, spankin’ new, climate-controlled stadium, so he can trade-up to an insanely lucrative pro coaching career. Tensions mount when their dream girl, Mary Jane Calhoun (MJ), makes a surprising return home (“A Better Me”) with a high school-aged son. 

Written by: Kia Beth & Cooper Krofton

Composed by: Mark Hollman and Drew Gasparini

Showcase Featured Musicals:

A Kiss For My Daughter by Mitch SamuA beautiful 1 act musical for two characters about a father and daughter's relationship as they go through life and they struggle with his progressing dimentia. Contact: 

This Year by Elle Tyler - A four person full length musical that deals with relationships and mental health with an absolutely stunning score. Contact: 

Sincerely Stacy by Andrew FunderburkA full length musical about a teacher's struggle and mental health. Contact: 

ComPlex by Megan Allen, Music by Dan Formidoni, Scribed by Tara Tioaquen, Alex Brazil, & Lexie TatumA full length musical centered around a woman with cerebral palsy who gets a once in a lifetime oppourtunity. Contact:

You Go On by Matthew GittinsA full length rap musical about a young man's struggle after a school shooting. Contact: 

Gossamer's People by Loretta MooreA full length musical (sheet music unavailable), about a residence full of unique characters. Contact:

Ballad of Johnny West by Jaime April & Jason MoonA video production musical seeking to be translated to a live production. Created during lockdown, this is a campy love story to all the old westerns with fantastic folk music from the April Moon band. Contact: 

Passages by Patrice Le BlancA full length musical about several middle aged women going through the challenges of their life. Contact: 

Naked by Germaine Shames & Tareq Abuissa A Ful length musical that takes place at the Denver Art Museum, they are seeking partners to actually stage this show in the Denver Art Museum! It's a fictional what if scenario about a famous painting and what would happen if the DAM actually got to feature it. Story centers around a woman who has lost her passion to create art and has a conversation with the woman in the painting. Filled with history and feminism, its a wonderful show. Contact:

Scarlet Heel By Preston Adams & Kelly Bidstrup GrahamA musical in progress about a vigilanty drag queen serial killer. Think Sweeney Todd meets Kinky Boots. Contact:

Foodies by Michael Kaplan & Jeff MarA full length musical about mistaken identities and the craziness of the foodie world! Full score unavailable, but does have melodies and chord charts. Contact:

The Chosen One by Eli Cohen A full length musical about queer coming of age told through fantasy character alter egos. Contact: 

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