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2022 Festival Featured Musicals

Showcase Featured Musicals:

Extended Stay - Jenny Stafford & Scotty Arnold - A 4 person musical about a teacher who has lost her job due to an alcohol problem, who works to refind herself while working at an extended stay motel run by her AA sponsor. Contact:

The Door - Elle Tyler -  One, a young dreamer who longs for adventure; the other, the island’s aged outcast, banished to the edge of the world for a crime few remember. The two form an unlikely pairing as they seek to save-or destroy-Jessa forever.


Scarlet Heel By Preston Adams & Kelly Bidstrup GrahamA musical in progress about a vigilanty drag queen serial killer. Think Sweeney Todd meets Kinky Boots. Contact:

#Blessed - Adrien Loehring & Vince Learned - A beautiful story of 3 couples at different stages of life all dealing with cancer diagnoses. A poignant, lovely, show delicately balanaced with humor. Highly relateable and accessible to all audiences. Contact:

ELLIPSES - David Quang Pham - Meet the family, our galaxy and their dog, gravity. More information here:

My Curiosity, An American Genius Reinvented - John Pesaniello - A musical concept in progress about the life and work of Thomas Edison. Contact:

UNION MOTHER - Kirby Gosnell - This musical features the story of Mother Jones and her fierce fight for works rights in the 1890's. The show features music from the time period set with new lyrics. The piece is almost entirely sung through, could be performed with a large or small cast. Contact:

Jiijaale - Elias Matthews & Seth Butler - A larger than life story about learning to believe you can be more than you are. It's a commentary on colonialism, while being a fun romp through the jungle to save the island as they know it! Contact:

Astrology - Joel Paszkowski - All the astrological signs are going to a world religions and belief convention. We featured the opening number in which no one is ready. It's hilarious upbeat 80's workout video fun for anyone who loves astrology, or even if you don't it's still quite a ride. Contact:

All the Time In The World - Noah Carlson - A beautifully composed musical about a collection of people who have died as they figure out what has happened to land themselves on that side of eternity. Contact:

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