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Stay Tuned for 2023 Festival Information Coming SOON!

Celebrate New Work With Us!

Welcome to year 4 of the Colorado New Musical Festival!

We are so excited to be a part of Wellspring by BST this year! 


Submissions for 2022 are closed at this time - Check back in December for 2023 info!

Our festival is committed to telling untold stories and making musical theater accessible to everyone no matter their age or background or eduation. Musical theater has been historically white and male, meaning that the stories we typically see on stage center around that point of view. While we accept stories from authors of all backgrounds, we are seeking primarily to lift up and tell the stories of those who have been left on the margins of musical theater storytelling; women, people of the global majority, and LGBTQIA+. We also accept work from all over the country and have even taken international submissions, however in our selection process we do prioritize authors and stories that are from Colorado.

We accept any and all work no matter what state or stage of production, whether you have a full musical transcribed and ready to be produced or you have just a scene and a concept. We want to take your work and leave it better than we found it, whether that means helping you workshop the piece, validating your ideas, giving you valuable feedback on your show's direction, or putting you in touch with networks and resources to take your show to the next level. 

Our 2022 festval will look a litte different than previous years as we plan to focus on showcasing more work as opposed to putting up full staged readings. The reason for this slight shift in focus is because one of the pieces selected for the festval this year will get an offer from Wellspring BST to do a fully staged workshop performance in spring 2023!

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